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High Quality Crystal Jewelry for Intentional Wear

Why Quality Matters

I have used healing crystals in just about every way, shape, and form, but my favorite way to incorporate crystals into my life is through jewelry. I love being able to always carry the crystal with me as I wear it so that I can feel the properties of the stone wherever I go.

Lately, I have been drawn to gems paired with high quality materials, especially good gold. The older I get, the more I value quality, especially with jewelry I plan to have for a long time. I love collecting a variety of gems so that I can switch them out throughout the years as my intentions change. Choosing high quality crystal jewelry supports the longevity of each piece and makes it easier to dress up or down. This way I can always carry the power of the crystal with me by wearing it anywhere with anything, from a yoga set to a formal dress.

It took some time to find high quality brands that sell crystal jewelry, so I wanted to share some of my faves in case you are on the lookout!

What are Crystals?

First, let's talk about why crystals are important. The use of crystals dates back at least 6,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, and they have continued to be used in many other cultures since. According to Jenelle Kim, a doctor of Chinese Medicine and founder and formulator of JBK Wellness Labs, "Crystals are stones with physical characteristics, such as a specific formation or ordering of atoms, that affect light refraction, electrical charge and more. Crystal healing emphasizes these qualities and how they might affect the human body’s vibration, electrical charge and functionality. These vibrations and frequencies can also be understood as qi, or vital energy that makes up any living entity."

And for the skeptics, here's some more science.

According to Teresa Adele, "The piezoelectric effect enables crystals to transform a mechanical pressure into another form of energy, such as light, electricity or sound, and then amplify it. This technology is used in many materials, such as microchips and batteries. In crystal healing, this concept is applied, magnifying the potency of the energies in a person’s body or surroundings." -Forbes

Fun Neuroscience Side Note: There are also multiple studies that examine piezoelectricity being emitted within the pineal gland in the brain, also known as the Third Eye.

Placebo Effect: The placebo effect essentially exemplifies the power of belief. At the very least, crystals may allow you to believe the intention that you are honing your attention on. When we focus on how we feel over what we see, we allow the crystals to work their magic.

My Favorite Crystal Jewelry

Best Quality: Aurate Aura Necklace

I am currently wearing this smoky labradorite aura necklace from Aurate and the quality is so impressive. I chose smoky labradorite because it is known as the stone of transformation and change, while encouraging self awareness, intuition, and aura protection. Pictures don't even do this necklace justice. I love how the gems glimmer when the light hits, so it's easy to dress up or down and wear with everything. Very classy and versatile!

Best for Beginners: Gorjana Power Gemstone Ring

This ring is great for those who may be new to crystals. Rose quartz is the stone of love, which is good to connect with everyday and a perfect stone to start with. I love how the intention is written on the inside of the gold ring too for an extra reminder.

Best for Chakras: Solid Gold Chakra Necklace

Chakras, simply put, are the seven main energy centers in the body. Each chakra has a corresponding body system, color, mudra, mantra, symbol, and stone(s). This necklace has a stone to support each chakra towards openness and alignment. Consider this necklace a great step towards harmony and balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

Best Raw: Moon Magic Raw Crystal Studs

Raw crystals are gems that are untouched and still in their natural form. Some believe that raw crystals can harness more energy because they have not been processed. I love crystal earrings because they are great for everyday wear! These are moonstone earrings supported by gold vermeil posts. Moonstone is known as the traveler's stone to support new beginning's, as well as tuning in to feminine energy.

Best for Zodiac Sign: Tiny Rituals Bracelet Set

These bracelets are like a crystal cocktail made for tuning in with your zodiac sun sign! If you don't know what yours is, you can find out here. This is the Aquarius stack. Aquarians are the water bearer's, "known for being as strong willed as the waves that crash upon the shore, as innovative as the shells that scatter the beach, and as unique as every grain of sand," so this ocean inspired set is made up of aquamarine, rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, and rainbow fluorite.

Best for Moms: RingCrush

This ring is completely customizable, which is perfect for moms! You can choose a gem for each child based off his or her birthstone. And if you don't have children, you can choose crystals based off intention. This ring can have up to seven gems and coated with either gold, silver, or rose gold.

How to Choose a Crystal

This guide has both brief and in depth descriptions of each crystal and their properties. I would recommend starting here to find a crystal that is right for you during this time of your life and then go from there. Like I stated earlier, jewelry is my favorite way to incorporate crystals but there are many other ways to weave them into your life.

Comment below if you would like guidance in choosing a crystal or if you just want to share your intention for this season! I would love to hear about it.

With love and gratitude,


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