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Hayley Wilson

I am a yoga teacher based in Glendale, AZ. Growing up in rural

Indiana, I wasn't familiar with yoga. I was first introduced to asana

(the physical practice) at the age of 18 and was immediately

captivated. I later learned about the other facets of yoga besides the physical  and realized I had been practicing long before my first class. I was continually drawn to this path, and became a witness to how it was transforming me. Noticing the expansion it produced, I felt the duty to share it with others.


At the time, I was completing a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from Indiana University, where I took as many yoga electives as I could. After graduating, I followed the still Voice that called me to Los Angeles, CA. I began the first step of my teaching journey by completing a 200 hr RYT training at Love Yoga in Venice, CA, followed by a mentorship with Sian Gordon Fujikawa. I then continued my studies with Alex Nashton, completing a yoga nidra teacher training, as well as a breathwork, meditation, and neuroscience training, then subsequently receiving RPYT certification through Ma Yoga to teach prenatal yoga. 


My intention as a teacher is to help others:

spark curiosity within the internal world, external world, and beyond

calm the waves of thought for clarity

connect with Spirit

draw nearer to alignment through embodiment

practice non-attachment by becoming an observer to the polarities of life

and create space for essence, receptivity, connection, love, and Oneness 

If you're still reading this, I hope our paths cross soon.

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