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  • Hayley Wilson

My Summer Mom Uniform

Arizona summers are HOT. We just had a 31 day streak of record breaking heat, 110 degrees or higher, so I have mostly stayed inside unless there are errands to run. Because of this, I needed to find a versatile look that could transfer from the cool AC, to the blistering heat outside, and one that would work for everything that I do during the day. I needed to be able to play with my daughter, do chores around the house, pick up groceries, practice and teach yoga, go to playdates and appointments, breastfeed, etc. without having to change. So I found a look that works for all of these things and still looks cute. And yes, it is totally giving mom vibes and I am here for it.

Some hot tips...

summer mom uniform

First and foremost, I've learned that less make up, more jewelry is the way to go when it's hot outside. And honestly, that is all I really have time for anyway as a new mom. It's so much faster to just throw on a pair of earrings and a necklace than it is to fully get ready for the day, and a way to still look cute and put together without putting in much effort. These gold huggies are my go to and so classic. I wear them every single day because they go with everything. And I love this custom necklace with my daughter's name.

Even though I usually don't wear makeup, I always have skincare on. My favorite products are Tula's daily face sunscreen and eye balm. Both of these are so glowy, bright, and made with clean ingredients. As for hair, mom life + hot weather = living in a claw clip. I finally have long hair after being pregnant with Haven and ironically enough I wear it up most of the time because it is just fast and easy.

summer mom uniform

Now for the fit. I am obsessed with this romper. I have it in multiple colors and it really is my summer mom uniform. So lightweight and I love that I can just wear a sports bra, t-shirt, or bathing suit underneath. As for shoes, I prefer ones that I can just easily step into with a baby on my hip so these cloud slides are my fave and so comfy.

Lastly, the accessories that are necessities. I love this belt bag that I can wear as a crossbody so that my hands are free for said child. It's small enough to throw into the diaper bag and big enough for all the essentials... even my beloved Kindle. Another reason I need free hands is to hold my Stanley. I have the 40 oz cup and take it everywhere with me to stay hydrated. It is so worth the hype. And I always have this Peppermint Halo essential oil roller by Sage Wellness and Burt's Bees Coconut Pear chapstick in my bag too. For the Peppermint Halo, I just roll it on my neck, and I swear it cools me down 10 degrees when I put it on. It's amazing.

Stay cool.

And that my friends, is the summer uniform that gets me through this sweltering heat. I love how lightweight, versatile, and effortless everything is, so I had to put y'all on.

I hope you find ways to enjoy the last bit of ripeness this season has to offer before things slow down a bit.

With love and gratitude,


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